How to Download Torrents Directly - By Emman

For those using the Etisalat SS Trick and MTN SS Trick
this time around i will be briefing us through how to get torrents easily with using any torrent client on PC,also works for mobile users aswell.
I Know most us are aware of 'Onlie-Torrent-Client' sites such as zbigz , boxopus , torrent2dll etc. yeah we do,but on the other hand their free usage wont be that much pleasant to most of us,thats why i'll talking about an alternative/how to use it,and you dont just use it.can also get paid while you use it as u invite your friends to sign up with them...
Now i think i'm beating around the bush here,hehehehe....lets get this Tutorial going
Goto to any torrent site you wish to find what ever you are looking for,or 'Guess what guys' you can even perform a general search on huge amount torrent site with a single click...
Now how do we do that?

  1. Goto and type your search[IMG]
  2. When the next page opens,select anywhich you prefer to download by file size/seeders count. [the higher the seeding counts,the more faster it takes for the client site to cache your torrent/your DL Speed].... Select which you'd prefer to grab,i picked the first option[File Size-879MB , Seeders Count-3696][IMG]
  3. Now select which torrent site you'd like to go with,i'm a fan of,, or,[IMG]
  4. when you preferred site opens(mine is find the magnet button and right click on it and 'Copy Link Address'.[IMG]
  5. The Fun part, goto and sign up with them,Verify your mail. then login to your filestream account and paste the magnet link we copied earlier,wait few minutes[you can also wait offline] for filestream to cache your file...this is the part whereby "the higher the seeding counts,the more faster it takes for the client site to cache your torrent" once its complete,filestream will indicate,[IMG]
  6. Click the Download button,[IMG]
  7. Select 'No-SSL' option,depending on how you are surfing the internet.[IMG]
  8. Your Download manager will grab the file and start Downloading,ASAP....[IMG][IMG]
you can make your $$$ with Filestream,just read through their Referal Program , see how fun i is....
Definitely dont forget dropping a comment/Feedback about how this works out for you,because i use it aswell...
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